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HP/HVOF Spray Systems

Praxair-Tafa is the world's leader in HVOF Spray Technology. As a primary contributor to the development and application of HVOF Spraying, Praxiar-Tafa manufactures a comprehensive line of products that will meet your specific quality, productivity, versatility and economic needs.

HP/HVOF coatings are characterised by near pore-free density levels, very low oxide content and superior bond strengths than similar coatings sprayed by combustion flame, arc or plasma spray process.



Model JP-8000 - A high pressure HP/HVOF kerosene liquid fueled system.

This next generation version of the renowned JP-5000 system is a premium  HVOF process featuring advanced controls, exceptional throughput and unparalleled coating quality. This system consists of the proven JP-5220 gun, 8100 advance controller and a 1264 powder feeder.


Constant process monitoring
CE Compliant
Graphic user interface (touch-screen)
PLC based, closed loop controls
Recipe storage
Engineered for safety
Optional data logging package



Model ST-4000 is a portable all-in-one kerosene liquid fueled HVOF system that provides top-quality coatings at an affordable price.

It offers a combination of high performance with low capital investment and operating costs.

The system consists of JP-5000 ST gun and control console with a built-in powder feeder


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